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Hey y'all ! Thank you for being here and taking time out of your day to admire my art journey.  I am  a mixed media artist employing an experimental approach. Being self taught with little awareness or concern for the "rules,"  I  find  myself with a natural tendency to break them.  

Preferring to record positive emotions and let the experience of creating guide me -  I choose to paint without a  sketch and often have  no clear vision of how the finished piece will present itself. Working without a schedule allows some of my pieces to rest for weeks until the proper process to finish the piece becomes clear.

I spend  most of my  time in the studio creating things that feel like the  familiar world around us but are ambiguous, general, and abstracted.  I love working with acrylic, ink, charcoal and pastels. Using different mediums allows for me  to have more flexibility with concepts and design.


When I am not creating in the studio or building in the workshop along side my  husband, I enjoy date nights, spending time with my children, traveling, and enjoying a yummy mimosa any time of day.